Friday, October 8, 2010 90 words

Enjoy what you eat
Experience harsh realities; 
they are only around to expose hidden truths

Find a family and stick to them; 
they always provide bearing and help to reminder us our stance in the grand scheme of things

Treat all strangers with respect even in their folly, 
as by such you might capture the only wisdom they possess

Always seek for the road less traveled, 
for it is by this quest that mankind has advanced

Overall, be the best you can be.
You might only live to be 90


There is a part of me that is physical
It is my form
Found in my face and my stature
Tall, Brown skinned, sleepy eyes, long finger, soft palms 
All set to remind you of my roots
And to the simple minded, that is all I am

But there is more to me than what your senses can observe 
There are secrets and experiences unknown to those that observe
 There are hidden talents that would be uncovered over my lifetime
 But all that is cage within this form

In a world overloaded with information, 
that sacred part can be lost 
Where I am told to overlook my instincts and follow the popular path 
Because of the fear of the unknown, I conform

But even in my crowded walk,
I am drawn to the word of that still voice 
I am always reminded of His timeless words

“You are more than form, you are spirit
Don’t rely on every information, rely on Me, your inspiration”