Sunday, August 19, 2012


Something about moment is they are units of times that when combined, create an impression,
They are like sparks, like ideas, capable of gathering and evolving into a formidable entity,
Specific moments of joys, laugher, the mundane and hostilities may never be remembered,
But their sum total create strongholds within our minds, shaping our versions of one another
Concerns: will it be strongholds that unite father and son?
Or will it just be fleeting moments with no significance?

In recent times you began to throw tantrums,
“My boy is beginning to assert his authority and understand his choices” are my thoughts,
You want me to know you are not just my bundle of joy,
but you have a soul, and you wants to be heard,
Your crying when demanding to be carried or to roam about freely….
Are moments…..

As you place your fingers on everything that catches your attention,
And put it all in your mouth,
As you make attempts to say “mumma” and “dada”,
And use your rich vocabulary of words and cues that sometimes mean nothing to no one but you,
You are creating moments…..

As you stroll around with anything thing that looks like a phone glued to your ear,
Mimicking a real telephone conversation,
[I marvel with at the accuracy of your intermittent pauses,
Even though all you repeat are series of “da da” and “ta ta”]
As you create gestures to convince me there is someone at the other end of the line,
You are creating moments…….

Very soon all will change,
8 years from now, it will be bicycles and the outdoors,
Trees and sports will dominate your world.

You will grow to the teenage years, the age of rebellions,
you will develop a desire in the opposite sex as your mind wonders what lies between those hips and why the sight of a female’s under garment makes you quiver,
Your body will begin to change and the image of the man you are will become visible,
You will get your first car; earn your first kiss,
Get your 1st heartbreak and think the world will end,
When, it is only beginning.

These formative years of yours will be the moment through which our similarities and differences will be revealed,
It will also present opportunities for both of us to fully appreciate not just one another, but also, our individual selves,
Our battles will be temporary and a reflection of how our different, generation fared amidst the challenges of our time.
We will condemn each other peers citing inability to rise up to expectation.

As I watch you grow from a boy to a man,
And share defining moments together,
My mind will still drift to current memory of my boy banging my room-door to play with his father.