Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1st Words

One desire I have is to be renowned as a provider of art. The medium or the type of art is not clear but the focus remain; that message must come forth.

A message that preaches fairness with equality and gets people to act in truth with one another.But such message does not come out of thin air. It must be embodied in our understanding of individual daily rituals packaged in an artistic form; a form that capture imagination whilst allowing the message retain its purity. Thus, I am taking up the tasks of the medieval craftsman with the use of words:
* By capturing thoughts and giving insight into ideas people have overlooked.
* By preserving rare moments like the first kiss of a lady, or jokes shared by age old friends and merging it with the logic of a tale.

Such goes beyond the simple use of words and music but also it comes by the creator thinking in a realm where words are refined and become life. The creator must work as a craftsman, refining his thoughts, digesting specific moments and then searching for a medium that can adequately express the message in a way that can be appreciated.Making the tears flow, charging the atmosphere to release that euphoric feeling through the spines of my audience, and creating lasting moments that they can always identify with.This might be my most noble act to humanity.

Changing myself, to change the world.

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  1. We Nigerians are so gifted! I look forward to reading your words in a different way from your previous way of writing.

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