Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Coming New World Order

Thou, oh king sawest and behold a great image. Whose brightness was excellent and stood before thee; and the form was terrible. This image’s head was of fine gold, and his breast and arms of sliver, his belly and his thighs of brass…….
Thou sawest till a stone that was cut without hands which smote the image upon his feet and were the iron and clay and brake them to pieces………….
……………….and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain that filled the earth.
----------Daniel 2: 31-35

The desire to meet the needs and requirements is what makes men organize.
Understanding that needs and requirement are not static, is what makes the style of governance evolves.
I feel capitalism is dying
I feel a new generation craves a new world order.

The flaw that crippled the initial empires (ruled by kings and the heirs) was the inability to transfer understanding through generation.
Such led to moral decadence and inability of the heir in upholding the basic principles that positioned and made their ancestors.
Receiving power too early also created distance between the heirs and the people they rule as they couldn't tap into their heartbeats;
It made their souls clamour for something new.
The desired to be functional and to be integrated into the main stream;
Their scope of thinking felt that was all was required to have a fruitful existence.
Equality was on the lips;
The desire for socialism was born.

Socialism leads to the creation of massive infrastructures and large institutions.
But it lacked that human element; it opened room for complacency.
Citizens felt entitled to what they received; they had no vision because they had no hunger.
Mass welfare provided just enough.
Again the soul knew it needed more.
It needed people to take initiative.
People would no longer be products of what society dictates but what they desire to achieve and will be rewarded for it.
Capitalism was born in this dilemma.
Survival of the fittest became a quest to live, by any means.
The creative torch was revived and peaked but lost as individuals tried to monetize all they saw.
Stock market crashed, global economic meltdown, and credit crunch became the result of people trying monetizing everything around them.
The message that has been sent down the tunnels of time is one that has been delayed for a long time; it is a message people knew must be said but no one had the courage to say it;

I believe that the divine has a reason why systems of governance had to evolve like this.
I believe it is essential that before the coming of a new order, society must be convinced that certain methods of organizing people cannot be maintained.
It must be understood that the only way a society can be led is when the enlightened are positioned in areas of their strength to make decision.
Between transiting from one style,
The poets would be burdened with poems,
Singer willl sing,
Artist must paints,
All in an effort express that inner conviction that is something wrong.
All sort of artistic expression would ignite people to act to collaboratively change the world around them.

The new world I see is one where passion would determine who does what.
Everyone would realize that they are entitled to only the value they contribute.
People would work in their area of strength with no rivalry.
The Government & religious bodies would work in unity to put meaning into where the society is going,
to and put life into the objective people set for themselves
They would receive voluntary contributions from the functional units within the society.
This fund would be used for welfare, crime management and social integration programs.

Companies will be setup to focus on implementing the vision their founders passionately sought to achieve.
They would voluntarily invest in infrastructure and education of the young (the potential leaders and future employees).
Because their visions are fueled with passion, services they provided would not be spurred out of response to competitive action, but out of a desire to actualize something within.
Employees would see their jobs as a learning ground; places where they can get hold of their passion, set up their own businesses and create new opportunities for the next generation.
The new world order would achieve all that the ancestors aimed to achieve:
• Legacy,
• General literacy
• And creativity
But it would do something different, position the right people in the right place at the right time. I see that as the future.
I see that as our peak, in the evolution of man.

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