Sunday, January 1, 2012

To commence a new year..

I don't think wishing anyone stuck in the Nigerian grind a "Happy New Year" would mean anything more than cliche phrase that sounds right to say at the beginning of the year. Our leaders didn't intend for it to start out happy and I fear this will probably be the toughest year in Nigerian's history. 

There is lot to be concerned about; when the take-home salary can't take most home; when the leade
r lacks the right charisma and makes questionable decisions; when the leader impose austere measure while they live in plenty, you know something is not quite right.
I think the best wish anyone can give/or be given this year is a closer walk with thy creator (who ever you assume He is).
And to take pleasure in Tai Solarin's famous quote "May your days be rough"... because by it, we might attain enlightenment.

So as we savour our twilight moments between 2011 & 2012, I wish you a richer walk with your creator.

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