Saturday, April 21, 2012

Those whispers...(Lucifer Response)

This fiction is a rejoinder to the article titled "Puberty complaint"(url: ) written by  .  
The original article was about a fourteen years old boy "Emeka Ohameze" who wrote to God, complaining about developing sexual desires. This  act (in his own opinion) goes against his faith in God. The story ended with a letter response from God.
I couldn't resist the temptation of thinking about a possible statement from Satan in a bid to secure his presence in the mind of the boy.
Please enjoy.....

Emeka Ohameze,
No 19b Adebola Street,
Opposite Tope Falomo Gardens,
Lagos Nigeria.

Dear Emeka,
I came across your letter, and couldn’t help feeling you would require my assistance. Your sexual desires running wild? That is my department.

As you get of age, I think you and I should get better acquainted.  I know you might have heard a lot of negative reviews about me, but you know better than to believe everything you hear. This is the real world, outside the confines of Pastor Francis church.  Be prepared for false doctrines ; be prepared for backbiters and those evil bearer whose only intention is to steal from you. I know there would be times you will condemn me because the world paints me as bad; yet I will wait patiently, knowing we will one day make up.
Pardon me, I haven’t formal introduced myself. Yes, history has labelled me evil because I led the 1st revolution, but I have other name those close know me by. Because of my radiance and beauty, I am called the Morning Star. Latin speakers have a rather derogatory translation when they say my name; they call me “Lucifer”.

But there is more to me that just a name. I always stay close, willing to provide assistance in times of need. Your antiques are not new to me; I am always lurking somewhere in the background waiting for that right moment. Do you remember when Ifeoma attempted bullying you in Primary 3 and you stood up for yourself?  I was somewhere around, whispering...
(OK, maybe you went a little bit too far by stabbing her in the eye with your pencil; but there is no need to feel guilty about that.You got her off your back for good. Imagine if you hadn't; imagine how that would have destroyed your self-esteem ).

I have been around for long before your time, and seen many just like you. I have encountered staunch fanatics with strange beliefs backslide years after (when it became evident that their path had a different destination) then blame me for their misfortune. Haven’t your people read the Holy Book where it says that “God doesn’t dwell in buildings made by man”? Think about it, what have I got to do with everyone’s misfortune? I have problems of my own. My creator hasn't said a pleasant word to me centuries before your race was even conceptualized.

Make no mistake, I don’t think you should consider fornication; you are too young for that, and it is a sin just as Pastor Francis said. I think you should be ready to explore what this change is about; just as God said: “be curious”.
I think the best way to prepare yourself for what your body truly has to offer is to familiarise yourself with the female anatomy. You can start by doing something awkward; something that I will consider almost innocent: peeping at a nude Ibele tonight (remember, you overheard Ibele saying she takes her bath every night.. the toilet of her window is next to your room. I don’t think a peep is breaking any of the 10 commandments).
My young man, getting used to this body and its wild sexual drive is going to be tough, and I can assure you, most times out of control. It is a natural human instinct. Don't fight. I won't pre-empt you but I think if you should do as I said, you will be just fine.

This is the easy part. As life gets more complicated, you will get lost in discerning right from wrong. As you struggle to make sense of the world to produce that thought that can liberate you,  as you work to attain freedom to live right and be happy at the same time, take comfort is this knowledge; I will always be somewhere around, whispering...

Your’s sincerely,

The Light-Bearer.


  1. LOOOOOL !!!!... I laughed when I saw the postage stamp , good job man. I could feel the subtle but yet deceptive tone of satan in your writing.

    "I have problems of my own" , that made me laugh.

    My only criticism will be the last lines in the third paragraph ,I don't believe Satan would explicitly admit to someone that he is the cause of their wrong doing (or that he whispered to them into doing something wrong as you wrote) he is too subtle for that :)

    Overall, a very good job man !!!! :)

    1. You have a point. What I was actually trying to point out was the fact that he taught Emeka how to protect himself.

      I think I will re-word.

    2. I don't think anyone who can lay claim on how subtle the devil is because some people eventually get possesd and under violent possesion-that's not subtle except you have had a real encounter. I will still say the writer involved his imagination prowess and did justice to this piece in brief.

    3. You tried with this story, it's not easy to understand how the devil operates, you have used your imagination and that is what i like.

  2. Really funny, Mr. Devil forming like- "i-am-not-so-bad-o.

    I must say, you know how to write well.

  3. This satan get sens small ke, gently tempting the boy - from peeping to touching and to da real thing before the boy knows it, sexaulity discovered and no going back.

  4. Interesting.... it makes sense, a subtle way of temptation that will lead to the bigger sin, after all sef sin is sin so wether he peeps or explores his sexuality, satan has got him on his side.

  5. LWTMB.....

    The light bearer, even the devil knows corporate marketing. nice one

  6. na wa for this devil, painting himself like the good guy.