Monday, October 1, 2012


January 20, 2009
Minutes before his madien address, no one observed that he was lost in thought....
 “Is this really all I have worked hard to achieve? Am I prepared for this? Is this all there is to it? So every minute I will be in the spotlight!! Naa.. this isn't really what I want… Stay focused. This is your moment to shine…Just repeat this to yourself “I cannot fail. I cannot fail ”. Besides, you have a lot to offer... A lot to offer? Everyone knows this is all there is to me. I am all mouth.. ok I am lanky with big ears and I have a smoking problem. Talk about an exciting life… You forgot to mention " and I adore my wife" Oh yeah that too. But seriously, how does that count? If we go by my father's origin alone, I am not fit for this because..... Is this what you choose to believe? Things have changed and you better get used to it. Every minute of the last 47 years has been spent preparing for this moment. This goes beyond your ego; this is destiny boy… Destiny… am I destined. I might be the 1st, but what does that count for? Being the 1st, I might stammer and make a fool of myself. Somebody might ask a question I am not prepared for. Or they might throw eggs at me with the whole world watching. Did you rehearse for this speech? Well…yeah. I have done that over 20 times, every day for the past three weeks… Then why are you worried? Remember it was the same you that brought the Jeremiah incident under control...... This is a lot more complex than that… We all know that. But that was preparation for the type of challenges you will encounter. Really, there is nothing to be jittery about ..... I can't help but be afraid. This is major. Does that mean I can no longer do something as simple and regular as work on a blackberry? I can’t even wish Genevieve a happy birthday without causing a stir. What if I become like Bill and find my secretary attractive? That will be a disaster for my ladies... Calm down. Here they come…You are about to speak. stay in character. OK. I cannot fail. I cannot fail”

His heartbeat raced faster as he was introduced…….. 
“To give his inaugural speech, I will like to introduce the President Elect of the United State of America. Mr Barack Obama.....”


  1. I had a smoking problem..... he doesn't smoke no more... At first i thought it was a super star then i saw i have nothing to offerand i knew it had to be a serious position, i didn't know it was Obama. Couldn't have guessed. Very very well written.