Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let this be the last Kim Kardiashian post you ever read

I believe encrypted within the DNA of the Kardiashian family is the phrase "any news is good news"...and their publicists know it. From sex video with Ray J to a 72 days wedding to Kris Humphries, Kim Kardiashian has provoked media attention with tales more daring/weird/annoying that the last. Each tale generates media hits as people curse and mock her pimp of a mum, plastic faced step dad, her not so Kardiashian sister, and the last girl (I really cannot be bothered to research her name)....while the family and publicists smile to the bank.

Behind the scenes, I believe there is a team of strategist looking for the most shocking story to push forward yet....I imagine a brain storming session in which someone raised his hand and said "I know what we do next....let her get pregnant for Kanye".
The story is announced and 50,000 people comment: some cursing, some defending, some saying they prefer her to her sister and other saying she is just unfortunate.... but all reinforcing the brand and ensuring that somewhere within our subconscious, that family remains alive (a trick that of course provides a platform for advertisement).

I personally think the family is an insult to anything decent....but it is amazing that even with my stance, I am somehow always informed of events in their lives (how I know of Kim's recent trip to Cote D'Ivoire &Bahrain to the firing of Khole from Xfactor beats me)and the public tension it generates...and this has remained the situation for the last couple of years.

Whenever you hear that she gets paid $10k for every tweet, was paid $500k for a 45minutes cameo appearance on a show in Nigeria, or even read posts like this one, be sure of one thing: the brand is further reinforced.

So next time, instead of clicking on that link and scrolling to the comments section to read the abuses when you see a headline you find damn right catching ("Bruce Jenner (the plastic faced step dad) has finally admitted he is from the planet Neptune"), just close your browsers, take a deep breath, reopen and look for the next unrelated Kardiashian topic available.

That is the only way to shut down the #Kardashian_industrial_complex.

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