Thursday, May 28, 2009


The loudest words are heard in the silence,
At that point when nothing else can be heard,
It might be a whisper,
But it is capable of charging the atmosphere
And making men act with an objective in mind

To a passerby, all statements appear to be a mixture of vowels & consonants used to create words in sentences
But we know better
The ears of the observer interprets statement that resonates with their core belief system
By testing the use of words and the underlying logic
His eye looks at charm, the charisma and confidence
The brain fuses within us what these senses noticed,
A belief system is formed,
The observer imagines,
The observer is convinced
The observer acts

The average person overlooks what lies in the heart of the speaker
People forget that behind those words lie internal conversations
Lies individuals dealing with mundane person issues, common to everyone alive

Men dealing with depression,
Asking that age old question: “What is the point of my life?”
He tries to improve the state of their health, his weight & work life balance,
In secret he punishes himself for the failures of his children
And boast about his wife’s beauty,
With a fair yardstick, he gives judgment on himself for actions that go unnoticed

Amidst these trivialities are great ideal designed,
Men are refined to synchronies words with demeanor
This is how value within is born
And it is from this value that, earth changing words emerge

But in a world lost to its own values and warped belief,
It is only a whisper loudest in the ear of those that can hear

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