Wednesday, October 21, 2009

That day is coming

There are many things I believe in, but one thing I know, it is what we visualize that we can actualize

Our history as a nation has been plagued with many experiences,
Experiences to challenge us,
Challenges that make us search within for that inner revelation,
To remind us that we are is what we make of our existence

I might be naïve but I believe current events are not experiences in isolation,
There are implications deeper than our rational minds are able to conceptualize,
The cosmos has designed our path to ensure what we birth together is beyond what currently is,
The idea is for our generation to bring forth a Nigeria that works,
And I see it coming

The day is coming when our youth will pursue the desires of their heart and not rely solely on the vain advice of their peers,
Not chase the desires of the main stream, but engage in those unique causes that relieves their burdened souls,
It will be a nation that engages the strength of the strong,
The courage of the bold,
Harnesses the wisdom of the elders
To protects the weak, and rear its offspring

Everyone would have a family they can point to,
A household where father will be faithful,
Mothers will be selfless
And children will be true
We would have families creating enterprises
And parents leaving behind an inheritance for the generations coming
This would be one where families stand as units and contribute their effort to build a community they love

The communities they build would be designed on principles that enable individuals and households alike achieve deeds; deeds capable of reinforcing those elements required for self sustainability.
Our communities would be divided into units that can attend to different aspects of our collective needs
As some units farm,
Other will teach,
As some entertain, other will manufacture,
As some of distribute, other will finance
Every unit will provide support that will sustain our concept of life and how we envision we would live it
And they would be rewarded
Not for their class, or affiliations,
But for their efforts

Our communities would minimize involvement in cultural activities as there are little benefits that can derived from such
Those functions would be restricted to marking milestone
They would be used to mark significant events, rather than as a display of opulence or a proof of good things to come.
In the place of these flamboyant ceremonies, we would invest our finance, passion and minds in the development of trade relevant for self actualization and community building.

That day is coming, when our leaders will be philosophers and our politicians, men of insight,
They would create visions that engages the natural, cultural strengths of communities
They would develop policies that unleashes the enterprising nature of the average Nigerian
They would understand the pride in creating a nation capable of attending to its need

That time, our farmer would feed us,
Our teacher will train our children,
Our engineers will construct our bridges
And the wealth we create would not be found in the land of strangers

That will be the time the giant of Africa will awake.
I visualize a future, where I would be proud to be a Nigerian.