Thursday, May 27, 2010

I speak for Nigeria

Acts 4:11- “This is the stone which was set at the nought of you builders which become the head of the corner”

I speak for Nigeria.
The Settlers around the Niger
Those whose essence hasn’t been captured by written literature
Yet their presences will produce the reality of the global economy we shall live in
Our history is one where the Hausa & Kanem-Bornu Empires reigned in the Northern Caliphate While the kingdoms of Benin/Yoruba dominated the Southern territories,
The Central regions lay claim to Bantu/Nok ancestries,
At a time when the Igbo were mystified with folklore originating from the ideals of Nri & Aguleri

I speak for the middle class Nigerian
Those that travel daily along 1-3rd Mainland, Apapa or the Lekki Express,
Or the people found in the road rage of Trans-Amadi
And those Kubwa residence, in that rat race that sends then daily to Asokoro
All in a struggle to protect that semblance of life and how they conceptualize it to be
Even as the environment stands against them and all they believe
I speak for those in that 4 hours daily commute
Whose every increase has to be fought for and protected against quacks and thieving ruler Leaders
who exchange their natural heritage for instant pleasures
And create wealth for themselves in foreign lands at the expense of the people who trust in their wisdom
I speak for a people whose survival depends on how much they understand of every discipline that affect their life
Having to apply that understanding under the sun that they know, in the management of mundane task
Who have to burn candle at both ends to please the ones they love,
make proud their parents and provide for their offspring
Or those forced to make that tireless search for quality in everything they require

Your time will soon appear
When it come, your people will marvel as it is unveiled who you really are
What you have developed in the chaos will be displayed by kings
And you will be made proud by the creation of your strength
Your strength lies in being who you were made to be
Being patient and caring not cunning and crafty
Being fair and loving not greedy and deceitful
And realizing that what you can become will be evident when you realize who you are

As this enlightenment sips into our national consciousness,
Reorientation emerges challenging all thinking lined with mediocrity
Before you know, the environment will embrace the new Nigeria
And the cursed amongst us will be relegated to the back
To enable those capable of being themselves allow
Nigeria become the Giant of Africa
Till we birth that vision,
I will proclaim what I am proud of:

Middle class Nigeria - the stone that was cast away by the builder, getting set to become the corner stone.


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