Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Thought

English is spoken using 26 alphabets to construct words
These words have meaning and are structured to convey ideas
We convey our ideas through conversation with one another
As it is with this method that we can truly connect who we are with one another

Our Ideas emerge from observing the world around us
And what we observe helps in forging an impression
Multiple impressions create a thought processes which gives everyone of us a perspective of what is and what should be

Individual thought processes are one-sided, because we are only able to focus on what we sense as important
And also because what sense, is within the boundaries of rationality and limited by what we observe and what we can conclude

What if all our conversations could be merged into one long dialogue,
Fused into one big book?
We would have a speech of everything there is to say
A document containing every idea that there ever has been,
As every idea will be unified to form one logical point
And it will be clear to see that misunderstandings in today’s world result from different perspective as human’s stray from the Divine order

Humanity’s last hope lies in that book
Because the essence of what it contains, would be all that is Human

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