Thursday, May 27, 2010

Expressions of Care

I believe the foundation of a marriage rest on a life that you share
The strength of that life is holding to God,
He along gives us with the challenges we can bear

From these challenge emerge pleasures of one another,
perfected when both partners stay near
When they are willing to hear
And still remain sincere.

It is important to accept that your responsibilities are to shield one another from individual fears

And build homes that are sanctuaries, with each member being there
But all this happens when your home is love,

and love becomes possible with expressions of care


  1. you cannot by any means be married!!!!

  2. @Amakatacoma, sorry to disappoint you but I am.

    I wrote this wedding in dedication to a friend whose wedding was beginning of this year. I was the best man and I tried to awe everyone with it (but trust your Naija brothers. The were too busy drinking stout and eating rice to listen).

    I wrote my article "Avatar" (which you commented on) for my wife.