Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sound in Music

If you listen to a song deep enough you can almost here the sound of its origins.

The beats echoing the ramblings of souls

Within it, the words of the ancestors are felt
Along with their observations of the world around them

Their passion, their values, and even their essence
Capturing aspects of the human experience that our physical senses are not robust enough to articulate

The listeners are unknowingly responding to codes that unlock natures within their depth

The rhythm of a song is capable of changing a man into a movement within in a dance,
into the alphabet in the words,
And the silence interval in the melody

Music re-invents men and aligns their spirits with the souls of the composer

This knowledge makes one fact clear:

Man is capable of listening only to himself; who he is or is becoming


  1. I love this post totally and music aligns us with the composer.... watch what you soak in....

    Take care sir.

  2. So you mean to say that the music in my mind is an expression of who i am becoming or who i was??

    And also that the music i listen aligns me to who the musician is....

    An analysis with depth but not fully explored.

    do you write for any publication???

  3. @Teekay, yep you have a point there on your statement "An analysis with depth but not fully explored".

    Article was written in the spur of the moment, must say it too me less than 20 minutes to write. Along the Nile, I witness some traditional Egyptian dancers and was moved by how from their rhythm, you can almost feel the character of the Egyptian culture.

    To your question, no I don't write for any publication.