Friday, February 11, 2011

In the Spirit of a Revolution

One day our thoughts will count.
They will echo along the corridors of kings
Dictating the general orders
and revolting against the establishment that trods upon our will

We will speak of our burdens and all would listen
They will hear our thoughts and would align their actions regardless of tribe or ethnic background
and we will speak in one voice

Our voices will act like symbols,
motivating all to move in patterns they are most conversant with
taking action when they should,
making art if they can
and standing against oppression if they must

It will be the alure of freedom that will motivate
to make men understand that their destiny lies in the hands of whom they give it to
And they are capable of having a belief and sticking to it

Till the right thoughts are formed
I will prepare
Prepare for the day we would change our world!!!

Anti-Mubarak protesters in Tahrir Square standing for what he believed.
11-02-2011-he was finally removed after 30 years in power!


  1. Very riverting! Wish it was longer. If only the people of Egypt could appreciate this piece as well. I love Democracy (when it works). Power to the people!

  2. Thanks boss.For your comment. In the light of your comment ("power to the people") I changed the name of the article to something more relevant to all that read.