Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I am here for

When I see what I feel is wrong,
I sometimes want to speak
Other times I want to act
But I would be the first to move if I did
And if I am, what does it mean?
The one who stands against what we have learnt to believe
What we have been told is right to love and hate

The elders have reminded the people holding contrary opinions, to shoves those thoughts aside as its hold no water in the scheme of things
So everyone act normal, based on their definition of what being normal is
They have been schooled in how things should operate and strive for perfection in climbing the corporate ladders
In this quest for success, they take actions that stands against what their very essence tell them is right,
Denying who they truly are,
Denying humanity of the beauty they can release from within their soul

The enforcers of how we currently live have forgotten that the current order was birth from rebellion
It was birth by people who questioned the system of things and decided on better methods of doing things
And it is from this travail that civilizations were born
Civilizations rose and were conquered by men and women who decided that normal was not enough
They experienced something within that became such a reality, that contrary circumstance could not convince them otherwise
Such experience made them decide that what they saw much be established

I think I will speak out and give voice to what I believe- Even careless words and questions could be a source of lesson for me and those that listen to my words for inspiration
I think, my actions will be motivated by my convictions rather than peer pressure-My actions may not change the world, but they may inform those who can, to do so
In all, I think I will just be myself-My reward may not be material, but by my actions, I will satisfy that deep longing within my spirit to follow the instruction of that timeless still and small voice
I think I will fulfill what I am here for, as this is the essence of my life


  1. ....Current order born by rebellion...
    The guys in the past gave us something hmnnn and what do we give to those that will come???
    Nice one Mr.\c
    Except we stand up one by one and stand for what is right and agaist what is wrong no change will come and the cycle of hate continues.

    you are a good writer.

  2. Nice one boss. Comment appreciated.