Thursday, October 27, 2011

My thoughts on Gaddafi

It might be pointless having an opinion about the Libyan crisis given that my country is a mess, and my leaders are morons, but I think it is necessary for my personal sanity to know that the hegemons of this world are fair. I need to be sure I am not betraying my conscience by pledging allegiance to an establishment that has tele-guided me to believe what isn't. I still am not clear this is what 
I should believe, but this is what I have been able of decipher this from all the "noise" over the past 8 months regarding Muammar Gaddafi and Libya.

My opinions on Gaddafi are a bit fluid. He definitely was an ass, but I find it difficult to categorically rate him as an unjust ruler.

Some say he amassed his country's wealth and his sons lived liked playboys, but were Libyan's suffering? Nope they weren't. Isn't that they type of president we are praying for in Nigeria? One that will amass wealth after remembering there is a lot to accomplish?

Others say human right violation, but who doesn't do that? America has Guantanamo Bay and laws that enshrines prejudice towards minorities.

There was a thought I found quite compelling; it was about him not stepping down as Libya collapsed. But I thought about it, who wouldn't do the same, especially if you feel your opponents are not Libyans but Western imperialist in disguises?

Maybe what he did wrong was he didn't build enough Libyan leaders who are able to stand up to him. When I say leaders, I mean people who shared his world view, who had the capacity to organise and also take tough decision. People who shared his sentiments and could have quelled any insurgent before the become conflict. People who could advise him to both step down and remain in control the country from the background.
Maybe then, Libyans would have found a way to address their internal issues without external interference. If that had happened Muammar Gaddafi wouldn't have been killed on the streets and portrayed a common criminal and Libya would not have become the next International Development hotspot.

But contrary to what the NTC and Western media try to frame, I still think he died a solider!

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