Thursday, September 1, 2011

I named him Ini..

Wiggling your arms and legs
Grinning with ur  toothless smile
Touching with your tiny fingers
Boy,it feels divine
I hold you close
With hope to always be there
To guard your steps,
Against life's trials and despair

The bone from my bone
The flesh from my flesh
The fruit from my body
The carrier of my crest
Your actions are innocent
Laddened with love
All new and refreshing,
With energy from above

Your eyes are clear
Sparkling white and bright
Your stares are intense
With hope, joy and light
The possibilities are endless
The roles you would hold
Be still and patient with God
By doing what you're told


  1. Father and son...
    together forever...

  2. A fathers love for his son is none for comparism. Nice one from Mr.C

  3. I totally love, its a poem that expresses the love of a father to his son.

  4. hey, i just love the name of your blog site, it displays the truth of your heart and the aspiration of your dream. I wish you goodluck, in the future hopefully i will see the musings of a poet.

    Lovely picture of son and dad.

  5. Lovely picture of father and son, i agree.

    Nice poem as well.

    God bless you both.

  6. @Badsexy naija girl & @Good Naija Girl, thanks so much.

    @ "Anonymous September 23, 2011 5:22 AM", I like your comment. Really motivational.

  7. This is indeed a nice poem and a love message for him, take care.

  8. hi, this is a very lovely and beautiful poem, it shows the love of a father and the instructions for a good life as well, you are indeed a father.

  9. This post shows that you have spent time studying and being dazed with purity and innocence of actions, the descriptions shows how your heart is warmed for this little one, i liked the way you ended it : you gave him the spiritual guidance and the moral guidance: these two are what will take him beyound the heights of this world. I am happy for you and yours.

    Keep up the good writing sir! You gifted and it will make way for you! - Say amen.